Cover letter

1 maio
photo credit: e_walk via photopin cc

photo credit: e_walk via photopin cc

This is my TDC portfolio. Here you will find three final drafts of the five pieces I’ve produced this bimester. They may not be the best essays, but they are mine and I’m proud of my work. The second one is definitely my favorite.

I’ve always thought I was good at writing. Maybe everybody thinks that, or I’m just one of those full-of-themselves people. Anyway, I’ve always liked my writing and when I heard this bimester was going to be all about writing, I though “piece of cake”. I didn’t consider that it’s been years since the last time I had to write for real – not my journal, not a story, but an essay – a conventional, academic, full of rules essay.

I can’t say that this semester was only about remembering what should be done, that would be unfair. To tell you the truth, this semester was more about thinking of education, in every aspect, than anything else.

One very important thing that I have learned with Isabella, the teacher, was how to correct your students’ essays. Before this course, I confess, I was insecure about what to say and how I should approach my students about both positive and needing-work aspects. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert now, but I am clearly more confident about it.


Uma resposta to “Cover letter”

  1. Isabela Villas Boas maio 5, 2013 às 2:06 pm #

    Dear Marta,
    Your cover letter really touched me, especially due to the very genuine way you express ownership of your work. I was also so pleased to see that you realize that the gain of the course is not only limited to improving writing, but rather, to the awareness of the topics we discussed and learning how to give feedback. I’m really happy to learn that we’ve reached our main goals with the course!

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