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Model of Pronunciation

23 jun

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With such a large number of models of pronunciation, English instructors are not always certain of which one they should use and present to students. I believe it should be the more suitable one for the students’ objectives. Pamela Rogerson-Revell says that “the conundrum is choosing a pronunciation model which learners and teachers feel comfortable with and which facilitates successful communication in contexts in which the learner will interact” (6), but sometimes if it is not so difficult to match teacher’s and students’ expectations.

Assuming that your students are beginners, and perhaps even intermediate, than you might as well run with that more basic and broader models, such as LFC and WSSE on the grounds that they embrace a more descriptive approach, respect everybody’s accent and, more than that, their sociolinguistic setup. In the meantime, if all your students want to work as actors in LA, they might as well study GA because it is what they will most need professionally.


Rogerson-Revell, Pamela. English Phonology and Pronunciation Teaching. London: Continuum, 2011, p.6. Print.