Cover Letter II

16 dez
Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] /

Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] /

This will probably be my Portfolio for the whole TDC Course.  Since my first Cover Letter said that here you would find only three final drafts of the five pieces I had produced that bimester, I wanted to explain that this is no longer true, as you can notice by looking the arquive list.

I wrote six pieces this semester, and among them I chose three to post. This semester was all about the different theories on learning and teaching. I learned a lot, and I hope that my texts can share a bit of the knowledge I acquired.

“Model of Pronunciation” is from last semester’s second bimester, so I won’t explain it. “Emotion and the Brain – An Analysis of two Classroom Activities” is on Neuroscience. I find this content astonishing. To think that something as abstract as learning and how emotion influences it can have a biological explanation is amazing.

“Case Study” is on Psychology (Behaviorism/Cognitivism), and required me to talk about strategies to deal with “learning difficulties”.  The last one, “Acquiring first and second languages: differences and similarities”, is pretty self explanatory.

Hope you enjoy the reading.

I’ll be back next semester.


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